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About FRC

FRC Partners  
  • United Way of Greene County
  • Greene Valley Developmental Center
  • Greeneville/Greene County Community Ministries
  • Milburnton United Methodist Church
  • Second Harvest of Northeast TN (Food For Kids Program/Mobile Food Pantry) 
  • John Deere Power Products, Inc. (Food For Kids Program) 
  • Horse Creek Church of God
  • Greene County Parish
  • Stone Dam United Methodist
  • Afton United Methodist
  • Greenwood United Methodist 
  • Disciple's Point
  • Limestone Free Will Baptist Church
  • Greene Ridge Free Will Baptist
  • Asbury United Methodist Church (Mary and Joseph Projects) 
  • Scottish Rite of Freemasonry Greene County Shoe Program
  • Chuckey United Methodist Church
  • Union Temple United Methodist Church 
  • Shop With a Cop
  • Fairview Cumberland Presbyterian Church
  • Cumberland United Methodist Church
  • Cedar Grove 

FRC Purpose  

The purpose of the FRC is to maximize the potential learning capacity of each child by ensuring that school environments and neighborhoods are safe and socially enriching, that families are strong and able to protect children and meet their basic needs, and that children are physically healthy, emotionally stable, socially well-adjusted, and able to connect with enriching opportunities and experiences in their schools and communities.  In order for children to attain the most benefit possible from the time they spend in educational settings, the FRC focuses on providing information to families about resources, support, and benefits available in the community and on developing a coordinated system of care for children in the community in order to effectuate this purpose.

FRC Mission  

The mission of the FRC is to work in partnership with parents, community leaders, businesses, state and local service agencies, public and private organizations to create a network of prevention and intervention programs that can effectively resolve the diverse problems facing children and their families.

FRC Services  

The Family Resource Center provides a clothes, coat, toiletries, and school supply closet for all students.  Telephone service to address concerns and provide referrals and support for families, information resources and networking on topics of interest and concern related to parenting, family, and child development and referral assistance to other social services agencies, resources and referrals for parents of children with disabilities, and resource files on community agencies, services and programs are available.  The FRC coordinates the Food for Kids Program for all Greene County elementary and middle schools.  In addition, school-age referrals from teachers and administrators are addressed through home visits regarding home, parenting, and health needs, etc.  Attendance referrals and follow-up is also provided.

Contact Information  

You may contact the Family Resource Center by calling 423-257-2108 or by email to  

The Family Resource Center is located at:

Chuckey Elementary School
1605 Chuckey Highway
Chuckey, TN 37641
Phone:  (423) 257-2108
Fax:  (423) 257-3938  

Wish List  


Our FRC is always in need of the following items for students:

School Supplies
Toboggans and gloves
Kids clothing in good condition


The Family Resource Center (FRC) is located at Chuckey Elementary School and open in compliance with the Greene County Schools schedule.  The hours are 8:00a.m.-3:00p.m. and later by appointment. 

Chuckey Elementary was one of four schools chosen to receive a grant from the State of TN Department of Education during the 2004-05 school year.  The Family Resource Center is funded by the State of TN Department of Education with a local match from the Greene County Board of Education and Greene County United Way.  

The Family Resource Center is open to all students who attend Chuckey Elementary and their families regardless of income.  In addition to providing on-site services at Chuckey, a community outreach program is provided to all Greene County Schools.   

The numbers of children who could be considered "at risk" are growing in Greene County as well as in Tennessee.  You have seen this in the classrooms throughout our communities and seen how the problems facing these children have a negative effect on their educational activities for the entire classroom.  The escalating number and the increased complexity of problems faced by Tennessee families mirror those indicated nationally:  sharp increases in numbers of children in poverty, family restructuring, dysfunctional families, homelessness, teenage pregnancies, substance abuse,etc.  These stressful conditions have a direct relationship on the ability of the educational system to provide an effective educational experience for children.  The schools cannot solve all these problems alone or be the only organization enabling parents to be more responsible and effective with their children.  Networking among schools and service agencies through the Family Resource Center is used to maximize services and resources available to children and families to ensure student needs are met so they are ready to learn when they get to school.

Home + School + Community = SUCCESS 

FRC Director  

Hi!  My name is Alisha Ricker and I am the Family Resource Center Director.  Students call me "Mrs. Alisha."  I have been in this position for 10 years.  Prior to this position I was Associate Director of The Arc of Washington County.  I am blessed to be able to come to work to a job I absolutely love.  I am a "people person" and enjoy working with children and their families.  I also have a passion for helping others.       
I am married to Terry Ricker.  He is the Finishing Superintendant at CE Minerals.  We have been married 29 years.  We have two children, Brent and Keri.  Brent received his Bachelors in Accounting from ETSU and is employed by Andrew Johnson Bank.  Keri is a Sophomore at CDHS.  We enjoy watching Keri play basketball, volleyball, and softball.  We attend Limestone Free Will Baptist Church where Terry and I teach the Jr. High Sunday School Class and I direct Vacation Bible School.  Our daughter-n-law is Jordyn McAfee Ricker.  She is a teacher at Debusk Elementary.  I enjoy playing volleyball and spending time with my family.  I also enjoy coaching softball and volleyball.  I am truly blessed.  Did I mention... I am a Breast Cancer SURVIVOR!  
If you have any questions or concerns you can contact me by calling 423-257-2108 or email

FRC Staff  

Courtney Beddingfield is a Family Resource Assistant.  She is responsible for the self administration of medication and helps with the programs provided through the FRC.  

We have a genuine commitment to finding solutions to the individualized situations/problems facing each student and his/her family.  We assist families in resolution of acute or chronic problems rather than cultivating an atmosphere of dependency, then encourage the continued parental involvement of the parents in the educational process of their child.


FRC Advisory Council  

The FRC Advisory Council is composed of parents, school personnel, and representatives of state agencies, non-profit service organizations, community service and philanthropic groups, and concerned citizens at large.  Parent representatives who reside within our community make up more than 50% of our council.

Each advisory council member understands the importance of their participation on the council and is committed to give the time and effort necessary to maintain a successful Family Resource Center.  Each member is willing to promote the Family Resource Center goals among their business and community friends as well as serve as advocates to attract into the community those services and resources found to be needed but currently unavailable to the community.  The work and guidance of our FRC Advisory Council is the backbone of our FRC's performance and effectiveness in our schools and communities.

The FRC Advisory Council meets regularly to conduct business associated with planning, guiding, and monitoring the work of the FRC.

The FRC Director facilitates the operation of the Advisory Council, but is not a bona fide member of the Advisory Council.

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