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6.310 Exhibit A

School administrators will be responsible for enforcing the dress code. A partial list of guidelines include:

1. Shirts, blouses or sweaters, pants/dresses and shoes must be worn at all times.

2. The practice of "sagging" is considered to be gang related symbolism and will not be tolerated.

3. No head apparel, including caps, hats, sweatbands, bandannas, toboggans, or hair stockings
will be worn during regular school hours.

4. Clothing shall fit properly and shall not be unreasonably tight or unreasonably baggy.

5. Pants must be worn at the waist. No sagging allowed.

6. Shorts must have a 5" inseam or more.

7. Holes in pants must be at knee or below.

8. Skirts and dresses cannot be any shorter than two (2) inches above the knee. Sleeves of dresses
must be at least the width of a credit card.

9. No spaghetti straps, tank tops or muscle shirts are permitted. Bare midriffs, bare shoulders or backs, and excessively low cut clothing, along with clothing made of see-through material is prohibited. The midriff area must be fully covered at all times.

10. Hairstyles, sideburns, and mustaches must be in good taste, clean and well groomed. No unusual hair color will be permitted (for example, neon colors, green, purple, etc.).

11. Clothing that exhibits written, pictorial or implied references to illegal substances, drugs or alcohol,
negative slogans, vulgarities, or that which attracts undue attention is prohibited.

12. Prohibited items include: (1) long, large and/or heavy chains (2) studded or chained
accessories and (3) sunglasses, except for health purposes.

13. Leotards, body suits, biking or jogging shorts, and skintight outer materials such as spandex
are not appropriate.

14. For the safety of the school population, trench coats and dusters will not be allowed. Facial jewelry and accessories (rings/spacers) shall be limited to the ears only.

15. Leggings will not be worn as pants, and must be worn under shirts/skirts that are at least (1) inch below the fingertips in Grades 3-12.

16. Excessive or visible body art that is deemed by the building principal to be a distraction to the instructional setting

17. Tatoos with vulgar language and/or obscene images.

5.600 Exhibit A
Update 6/2016


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