Bus Changes for afternoon of Thursday, February 24, 2022

For the afternoon of Thursday /February 24, 2022, no buses will be running on Marvin, Flatwoods, Delta Valley, Reed, Burkey, Pottertown, Toby, Crumley, Croff Kirk, Spears Dykes, John Graham, Holland, Charlie Doty, Kennytown, Carters Valley, Weems Chapel, Union, Carpenters Chapel, Soot Mill, Glades, Woolsey, Jud Neal Loop, Bibles Chapel, Lost Mountain Pike, Concord, Black Bear, and Elmer Hayes.
If you have students at school that live on these roads, please go to school and pick those students up. There will be teachers and staff waiting with students to ensure everyone is picked up. We will be dismissing at normal hours.