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Chuckey Elementary School Discipline Policy 2017-2018

Dear Chuckey Parents,
We are striving to create and maintain a learning environment in which each child may be able to gain as much from his/her school experiences as possible. For maximum learning to take place, children must follow all expectations, attend school regularly, and put forth the effort that assures they perform at their maximum potential level.
While Chuckey practices positive discipline to reward students for doing their best, there are times when a student needs a different type of discipline. If a child is disruptive, disrespectful, or a danger to others because of their conduct, action must be taken to see that this activity does not continue. Time spent by teachers and staff on discipline takes away from precious instructional time. This not only affects the child or children being disciplined, but it deprives the vast majority of children of their right to a safe and tranquil atmosphere. Because of the need to focus on the education of each child, we must have effective discipline.
Discipline measures used at Chuckey Elementary School are listed below. We ask that you carefully read these, sign below, and return this form to your child's teacher. Discipline measures include:

1. Verbal Warnings

2. Tag or mark system that earns classroom rewards/punishments

3. Counseling

4. Removal of privileges such as reward field trips, special time, sitting with peers, etc.

5. Payment for lost, damaged, destroyed or stolen items (including library and textbooks)

6. After-school detention

7. In-school suspension

8. Request for the parent/guardian to pick up a student

9. Corporal punishment (*See Below)

10. Suspension from the bus

11. Placement at ABIC (Alternative School)

12. Out-of-school suspension

13. Law enforcement assistance

14. Expulsion for prescription or over the counter drugs, weapons, illegal drugs, and alcohol

*Corporal Punishment, paddling, is the only form of discipline used at Chuckey Elementary School that requires parent permission. If you wish for corporal punishment NOT be used as a discipline measure, we ask that you request an Alternative Discipline Form by circling it above (#9 Corporal punishment). An Alternative Discipline Form will be sent home with your child and has to be completed, signed, and returned to Mrs. Myers. It is important to know without the use of corporal punishment however, that suspension will be used as an alternative to corporal punishment when warranted. Please feel free to contact LeAnn Myers, principal, at 257-2108 with any questions or concerns that you may have about the use of corporal punishment with your child.

In addition, please read the Greene County School Board approved Discipline Procedures policy in the student folder or online at under the Director/School Board, Forms and Policies links. Please sign below that you have read and understand the discipline procedures that will be followed at Chuckey Elementary School and that you have explained them to your child.

Chuckey Elementary School does not discriminate on the basis or race, color, national origin, sex, disability or age in its programs or activities.