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September 2017 - Five classrooms received replacement projectors. The original ones were 8-10 years old. is a new way for teachers to find flipcharts similar to those formerly found on Promethean Planet.


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October 2017 - 2nd grade is getting a new Chromebook Cart to replace their ipad cart. This will be our 4th cart!


*Teacher desktops now have a new Office 365 icon to make login easier.




May 2017 - The Reader's Theater received a new projector for presentations and movies.


February 2017 - Greeneleaf Foundation purchased 10 Winbooks for library and classroom use.


Fall 2016 3rd grade received a Chromebook Cart to use in their area. This is our 3rd Chromebook Cart.


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July 2016

Our scchool received 30 desktop student computers for the upstairs lab adjacent to the cafeteria. The computers will be used by students in K-5.

June 2016

Mrs. Casey Ward, out 4th grade SS & Science teacher, received a Surface Pro computer through a Donor's Choose Grant she wrote.

March 2016

*Donor's Choose Website - Mrs. Holder, our 4th grade ELA teacher, recently received 4 Chromebooks for her classroom from a grant request funded through Donor's Choose.

February 2016

*Chromebook Cart- Mrs. Myers recently ordered a second Chromebook cart for our school. The cart will contain 35 devices for student use in classrooms.

January 2016

*TNReady Online Testing - After major server failure at Measurement Inc., the company the state contracted with to provide online TNReady testing for schools this year, the state decided to revert back to the paper and pencil test format as in past years. Students will begin testing over Part 1 of these tests in March. Please see the calendar page for those dates. Students will test over Part 2 beginning with 5th grade on April 29th.

December 2015

*PTO donated an IPad Mini for Kayla Watts 1st grade class.

*Donor's Choose Website - Mrs. Donahue, our 5th grade ELA teacher, recently received 4 Chromebooks for her classroom from a grant request funded through Donor's Choose.

October 2015

* IPads - Ms. Leanne, our 3rd grade math teacher received 2 IPads from

* Projectors - Ms. Kema's Kindergarten class recently received a new Epson 97H Powerlite Projector. Mr. Sams, our School Counselor, and Mrs. Kristy Ottinger, the Art teacher, also received one to use with their classes in the Mobile.

*free e-books portal - 1000's of free online books

*teachers with apps - IPad apps for teachers to download

*New Tennessee Education Standards Review


August-September 2015

Teacher Desktops - The majority of teachers received new Lenovo desktop computers before school started. These were purchased by Central Office to replace aging computers still running Windows XP.

Student Desktops - The majority of our student classroom desktop computers are Dell 620's currently running with a Linux operating system. Almost every classroom has 6-10 student desktops.

Chromebook & IPad Carts - Our school received 32 Lenovo Chromebooks and 30 IPads both housed in mobile recharging carts. The Chromebooks and IPads will be used for TNReady testing, AR quizzes, Star testing, writing, typing practice, research projects, and a variety of classwork in grades K-5.

New Ticketing System - Our school district has a new ticketing system for faculty and staff to use if they need technology assistance. The new support center was introduced to streamline requests for technology help. Every support request is assigned a unique ticket number which can be used to track the progress and online responses to each situation.

Gmail - Students in grades 1-5 now have gmail accounts to use on the Chromebooks and IPads. The students can only use the accounts to login to their devices, email their teachers, and other students in their classes.