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Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy
Social Media

Code 4.4061

Issue Date: 04/26/16

The Greene County School System respects the rights of employees to use social media and
networking sites, as well as personal websites and blogs, but it is important that employees' personal use of these sites does not damage the reputation of Greene County Schools, its employees, its students or their families. Social media and networking sites must not be accessed through the Greene County Schools network or by any other means (e.g. smart phones) during work hours, except for legitimate instructional purposes.

Employees should exercise care in setting appropriate boundaries between their personal and public online behavior, understanding that what is private in the digital world often has the possibility of becoming public, even without their knowledge or consent. Greene County Schools strongly encourages all employees to carefully review the privacy settings on any social media and networking sites they use and exercise care and good judgment when posting content and information on such sites.

When using a social media site, an employee is strongly discouraged from including current, minor
students as "friends," "followers," or any other similar terminology used by various sites without the written permission from the student's parent. If an employee maintains or participates in a Greene County Schools sponsored online community that extends to persons who are parents, alumni, or other constituents, s/he must exercise good judgment about any content that is shared on the site.

Additionally, employees should adhere to the following guidelines, which are consistent with
workplace standards on harassment, student relationships, conduct, professional communication, and confidentiality:

- an employee shall not make statements that would violate any school board policies, including its policies concerning discrimination, harassment, or obscene material:

- an employee will not disclose any confidential information of the District or school or 24
confidential information obtained during the course of his/her employment, about any 25
individuals or organizations, including students and/or their families.

If the District believes that an employee's activity on a social networking site, blog, or personal website may violate Greene County School Board policies, the District may request that the employee cease such activity. Depending on the severity of the incident, the employee may be subject to disciplinary